Fingerspelling Basics Online Student Course


I really love this product because it gives me the ability to learn and go at a good pace for me to challenge myself but also not feel like I am not understanding. It has been a great way to practice my skills and I feel will help me in my signing career. I feel that this should be a mandatory class from the beginning if you want to pursue a career in sign language so you can know the rules that come along with it.

  Date Added: 04/03/2018
  by KelliAnn R.

This is a great product, but for the fingerspelled words (where you fingerspell word after word), I would (at the end) add a list of the words so the student is able to figure out what the words are. I remember struggling over a few of them (and as I was doing the studying on my own) - I gave up often and walked away.

  Date Added: 04/02/2018
  by Grace S.

I cherish this resource! I am so happy to find all this work offered by Ms. Keast, so that we can continue learning true American Sign Language from Deaf experts. I am very grateful for access to authoritative resources like ASL INSIDE, especially when their are so many bad resources out there. This is a good one! Thank you!

  Date Added: 03/30/2018
  by Christine Anastasia M.

good product wish it could be used without a class because I dropped my class and now I can use it but I can't find out my scores

  Date Added: 03/30/2018
  by Deborah M.

I find the videos and lessons to be great practice. I was hoping for more actual instruction on receptive skills - tips, helpful suggestions to improve ability to comprehend -there was some, but since the videos are mostly not at beginner speed, it was difficult to grasp without starting and stopping frequently. I do understand that it is important for students to see fingerspelling as they may see it in the real world or close to it. I also have more difficulty with receptive skills than many. I do think these videos and lessons are helping. I will have more time to review and practice in April. Thanks.

  Date Added: 03/29/2018
  by Anita C.

This was by far the best and easiest to use curriculum that I have used. My skills really improved!!! The online content was easy to access from anywhere and the fingerspelling instruction was fantastic. I really liked how I could automatically submit my receptive homework online. I can't wait to use Fingerspelling Advanced in my next class.

  Date Added: 03/28/2018
  by Bill G.