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I really enjoyed the curriculum for my second year students. It gave them more opportunities to practice fingerspelling than they have had from their regular curriculum. Some technical difficulties but always got immediate help. Better to use through the website and not as part of our Blackboard plug in.

  Date Added: 04/25/2018
  by Amy June R.

This curriculum complements my teaching perfectly! It is excellent for receptive skill assessment as the homework is challenging and presented by a native bilingual signer. Importing student scores into my college's LMS is easy! I have also found Missy and Dave ready to help troubleshoot technology for me! I have taken the existing modules/units as created by ASL Inside and found or created other video material for instruction or assessment that fits the weekly topic areas. Students love Missy's style and have learned so much from her masterful ASL presentation! I highly recommend this curriculum!

  Date Added: 04/10/2018
  by Allisun K.

I love this website to allow students practice and improve their fingerspelling skills while I did do nothing! its very nice.

  Date Added: 04/04/2018
  by Lori M.

this advanced teacher was OK because of the colorful background and the students unable to get their fingerspelling and try change plain color background.

  Date Added: 04/02/2018
  by Yazmin M.

Great resource for authentic material- many of the videos are related to everyday life and conversation. Speed is regular "Deaf" speed and topics cover different things beyond what ASL teachers typically teach in their classroom (my favorite is the Technology videos). Students can learn more useful vocabulary from these videos that they can use to chat with Deaf people outside of school. Also great resource for students to use their context clues skills and critical thinking skills, important for LOTE students! Only drawback is that sometimes you will need to support students for a while in the beginning because they are overwhelmed by the Deaf speed when compared to other educational videos (like Signing Naturally 1-6 or 7-12) Other students enjoy the challenge.

  Date Added: 04/02/2018
  by Edward B.

I enjoyed using this website because it designed nice and easy to use! Also, this program gave students opinion to work with different speed of fingerspelling along with youtube tutor. It is all very clear. However, it is hard for students that they could not see their grade soon as they complete the assignment. That's where a lack of knowledge on students' side where they did made mistake or did just fine.

  Date Added: 03/30/2018
  by Lori M.