Fingerspelling Advanced Online Student Course


Little Quack

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Desired Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to express fingerspelled words and acquire fingerspelled words in the context of a short story or conversation.  The pace of the conversation will be that of a native signer. You may ask for some words to be fingerspelled a second time at a slightly slower pace. You may also be asked to repeat some fingerspelled words at a slower pace.

Topics will align with the conversational requirements of a student proficiency at the intermediate low level.

Benchmarks to support  the Desired Outcome:

  1. Standardization: Expand the skills and knowledge to know when a fingerspelled word is the right choice vs. a signed word.
  2. Pace: Improve skill to fingerspell more complex topics in context at native signing speed.


All student work is completed online. Receptive work is automatically graded and populates the teacher's dashboard.

This is a great product for intermediate and advanced signers to improve fingerspelling skills.

All learning takes place online by watching a native signer

You will acquire and express fingerspelled words in context.

There are 15 lessons, two review lessons, a mid term and a final.

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