Fingerspelling Advanced Online Teacher's Guide

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Desired Outcomes

  • Students learn to express fingerspelled words and acquire fingerspelled words in the context of a short story or conversation.
  • The pace of the conversation will be that of a native signer.
  • Topics will align with the conversational requirements of a student proficiency at the intermediate low level.

Benchmarks to support the Desired Outcome:

  1. Standardization: Expand the skills and knowledge to know when a fingerspelled word is the right choice vs. a signed word.
  2. Pace: Improve skill to fingerspell more complex topics in context at native signing speed.


DB Author

This is a great tool to give your students tons of receptive skills practice. It is great as a supplement to ASL 3/4 classes or for a dedicated fingerspelling class.


In this version all student work is completed online and automatically graded for you.

This 19 module course will challenge ASL 3 students. All learning takes place by watching a native signer at native deaf speeds.

It is a complete fingerspelling course including printed lesson plans and classroom activities.

This online curriculum includes the companion student materials.

The following topics are covered: Travel, Categories, National Parks, Acronyms, Presidents, Weather, Technology, Outer Space, Midterm Preparation, Midterm, Home Improvement, Double Letters, Menus, Historical Locations, Job Titles, Medical, Legal, Final Exam Preparation and Final Exam.

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