Fingerspelling Basics Online Teacher‘s Guide

Little Quack

Desired Outcomes

  • Students learn to express fingerspelled words and acquire fingerspelled words in the context of a short story or conversation.
  • The pace of the conversations is moderate.
  • Topics align with the conversational requirements of a beginning signer signing at a novice mid proficiency level.

Benchmarks to support  the Desired Outcomes:

  1. Foundation: Learn the most commonly used fingerspelling skills to include the alphabet, name signs and short words lexicon.
  2. Grammar & Numbers: Develop the ability to incorporate grammar and numbers into the story based approach to learning fingerspelling.
  3. Expansion: Integrate skills with topics and rules that are appropriate for novice mid level discourse.


In this version all student work is completed online and automatically graded for you.

This 13 week curriculum will challenge students in ASL 1. All learning takes place by watching a native signer.

This online curriculum includes the companion student materials.

It is a complete fingerspelling course including both video and printed lesson plans.

The following topics are covered: Alphabet, Name Signs, Short Words, Hand Location, Numbers, Days and Dates, Time and Anatomy

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